Centre Guide Help for rendering in Vray [ + ]



This is possibly the silliest question for a simple solution, how do I enable a centre point for sketchup to help me find the dead centre, for rendering in VRAY. Similar to guides in After Effects (Title and Action Safe) = [ + ]



not sure if “make” has the ability to use camera tools, they have a center crosshair.
Also not sure if it exists in “make”, but in styles you can import a center mark (crosshair - or something you can make in photoshop and ave as a png) and use it as a “watermark”, this maintains that overlay on any scene it is enabled on…


Bump. Any help?


As the post from @whiterabbitdesigncompany is marked as the solution, you may not get a whole lot more replies.


Hi Aaron

Do you not have the ability to “un-solve it” if you know it’s erroneous, or can only the “poster” do that? just curious as it’s clearly better to have the “right solutions” out there for make users… and oftentimes there are many different ways of achieving the the same ends. If you know this won’t work in “make” it would be helpful to note that.

I see many posts solved in one answer, so this is kind of cryptic… are you indirectly saying that it isn’t a solution? and as a Team Member do you have the solution? or does someone else need to chime in with it? I can only assume that if it were marked as “solved” it was, or perhaps it was prematurely marked as “solved” without it being tried/tested? I don’t know.

I thought I had indicated I was “not sure” if this would work for him but what has worked for me in this scenario, but that I’m not familiar with Make to know for sure if it would work there, regardless, it can be helpful to put various ideas out there in the forum as it can often help those with different set-ups too who have similar problems, I’ve certainly picked up some tips this way.

Sorry for any confusion.