Centering Standard Views to Cursor Location


I use a lot of KB shortcuts… and those assigned to the Standard Views get used as much as any others, possibly more.

I think it would be really great if the standard view results would auto center upon the location of my tool cursor whenever I make a change between the views.

…as things currently stand, the Standard View options typically center the Axes upon the monitor.

I guess I’m requesting a secondary option which could override this, and instead center upon whatever section of my model the cursor was hovering over prior to changing between the various views.

Maybe this is already possible, and I forgot what the special setting is??

Standard views are not tools so they don’t respond to mouse position. I think it’s good for the clarity of the software to have such a distinction. Instead they try to keep whatever was centered on the screen centered.

If you need to center the camera over an exact point though you can use My Precise Pan Tool. Eneroth Align View is a bit more advanced with built in camera alignment, and can replace Standard Views (given there is a face to pick the orientation from).

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Orbit tool active > Double left click = Camera centered on cursor position


Same for the Zoom and Pan tools apparently.

EDIT: Add the Look Around and Walk tools to the “double-click centers” list.


Or with say ‘Select’ tool active just double click the scroll wheel on desired screen location.