Categories not work after copying 2 at a time

Component not work
As you can see in the animated gif, I made a copy of a pillar and then copied them in pairs. When I made changes in the first component, they showed up in the single copy of the pillar.

However, when I reproduced them in pairs, the changes did not show up in them. What did I do wrong?


An even more curious thing is that when I coloured one red, only two others turned red. When I coloured on yellow, two others turned yellow.

Oops. Someone from the forum asked to share my screen. I accidentally closed the message.

I’m going to bed now. Please contact me in about 10 hours.


You´re making a copy of the raw geometry being inside the component, you must make copies of the component from outside otherwise the copies you make inside wont become instances, you´re just modifying the component not adding more.

Pillars, creating 6 of them
I figured out what I did wrong. I had used the Select cursor to draw an rectangle around the pillar instead of triple clicking it.


no. no no (one no per click :wink: ). a simple click is enough. just like when you selected the first pillar and made the first copy.

look at your video. when you make the second pair of copies, by making the triple click, you entered INSIDE the front component.
At the end, you still have 2 components, no more. one is the front row, the other the back row, as Francis explained.

The whole point of making groups and components is that you don’t need to triple click on them to select them ,a simple click does it, more will enter the component and edit it (here, select the faces)

you did the same il the first video, you entered the component then selected it. meaning you didn’t copy the component but the geometry inside of it.

look, you can see the bounding box in dashed lines.
Capture d’écran 2023-10-24 à 19.30.31

here is the same thing but look, I only simple click (with shift).

Still wrong.

You are opening the component for editing and copying the geometry within the component. You need to be copying the component. We’ve gone over that before.

Hey Learned One, Thank you so much for explaining it so that I understand it. You’ve made my day.