Categories destroy results

Today I again found proof the three categories which are forced on me by trimble give a random? selection of results, but leaves lots of relevant option out of the search. Again I have been using another loggedout browser to find things. I suggest this dysfunctional ‘option’ is discarded ASAP, for it is not helping at all.

Does this still exist’s? I haven’t seen it for half a year. What proof did you find? How do you test? Maybe, there all ready is some randomness. I doubt that SketchUp has enough resources or time to do the things Facebook does with the ‘rest’ data…

Mike, once you’ve chosen three the option never shows up again, but is hidden under your profile. Because my modelling rolls around a plethora of subjects i often find more and better results when logged out on another browser. I still have not found any functional use for these three ‘choices’ forced onto anyone. So my plea is to get rid of these presets ASAP.