Catch 22 in SketchUp for Schools Access

My district, OR City #62, runs on Google and it has SketchUp for Schools loaded onto its Google Suite of Apps. I am currently teaching a SketchUp unit to my 6th, 7th and 8th grade students and we are using your web based SketchUp for Schools. Things have been going fine for a week or so, but this morning when I tried to open S4S, I am receiving a verification box titled “Are you in the Right Place?” It has a button that prompts me to “Sign in with Google.” When I click on it, it sends me to a Sign In: Google Accounts, where I verify my school email account. When I click on the button that should execute that command, it brings up the same “Are You in the Right Place?” window. Since I am in the middle of teaching my unit, I’m needing a quick fix here.

The login issues are now be fixed. We’re sorry for the inconvenience! If you are continuing to experience issues, please reply to this thread SketchUp for Schools Temporary Login Issues (FIX 28.04.2021)

Thank you so much. I just went in and had no problem getting back into my models.

My students and I are muddling our way through the final weeks of distance learning, and while my students have returned to limited in person instruction for their core content classes, their Art & Design elective–i.e., my class–is still remote.

While my students are exhausted with computer based education overall, I have noticed that they are quite enthused about learning SketchUp 4 Schools. I was in a panic when some of them started reporting that they were being blocked from getting onto the platform yesterday. I felt like the one decent carrot I had left in the bag had been stolen, and I didn’t want to come up with a Plan B (I’m tired too!).

Thanks again.


That’s great, Allen. Thanks for the report. We’re sorry about the issue. But will report back your use case to the team! They’ll appreciate it.