Cast Shadows—Intersections and Projections?


Are there any plug-ins (or, techniques) which treat shadows as real geometry?

… In the sense that I’d like to be able to have the cast shadow…

  1. Intersect a Face

  2. Burn in as a texture, such that a nice shadow line can be saved, and won’t be lost if/when I reposition the shadow settings.


Have a look for Tig’s one. From memory it’s called shadow projection or something similar.


I’ll look at that one, Box.

I have it already but didn’t think to try it on my current experiments here.

You had been the person to recommend it to me before… if you happen to recall. Back in the day when I posted about wanting to see the ‘underside of shadows’, when looking up on them.

As always,… Thanks A Lot, @Box

I’ll report back on what I learn.


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