Cartoon charactor creation

I recently watched a video of a gentleman whom use clay to create a very simple cartoon chicken. It made me think of trying to make it in sketchup pro OR if there is a better program suited for this. my main goal is to 3d print it. i do not like blender. but maybe SU pro could handle simpel charactors??


Do you have a link to the video?

Yes, here is the link

How about clay? Or what if you could print in clay or wax (for casting?) They can print concrete. Hmmm

Im teying to sculpt clay for the firat time this week hahahaha. But i wanted to try and 3d model this, then print it haha

I’ve played with the idea, if I needed a new hobby, of doing little clay houses. Sort of romantic scenes with chunky tile roofs etc. I was surrounded by (real) potters in my early life and picked up a taste for it. Maybe it is less of a footprint than other materials and you just recycle the failures. Even after firing it is just baked earth.

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