Carpark Spaces (in colour)

Hi, i need to draw a carpark that has 2 levels with 300 spaces on each level (600 in total).

My client (friend) needs to carry out resurfacing work on the carpark, so his work needs to be carried out in phase… and he wants to show this to his client, so his client will see the availability of car parking spaces through the resurfacing works.

My friends wants to mark the available spaces in green and the unavailable spaces (which he’ll be working on) in red.

The spaces will need to change colour throughout the phases of the works, and this is ultimately what my friend wants to show his client.


What is the best way to show the colour of the car park spaces through the different phases of the work. I will be using Scene Animation to showcase the phases, but i don’t want to have to create a scene each time each of the 600 spaces changes colour. What is the best way to show 10-20 spaces changing colour at the time?

Thanks in advance for your help, it’s much appreciated.

I’m no sketchup superwhizz but as far as I know there isn’t a way to colour things differently on a scene by scene basis in SU. Scenes can change layer visibility though…

So I think the way I’d do this would be using layers and components, two layers per phase. I’d have each space be a component (or maybe a block of 20 spaces as a component, not sure how your phases divide up)

So you have a carpark made of 600 components of a parking space in green, and another car park made of 600 components of spaces in red. Assign the first 20 spaces in the green car park to the “1-20 done” layer, and the first 20 spaces in the red car park to the “1-20 doing” layer. Make a scene called “Spaces 1-20” and save the layer visibility such that the “1-20 doing” layer is visible, the “1-20 done” is invisible and al the other layers in the DONE car park are visible, and all the other layers in the DOING car park are invisible

Lather rinse repeat for spaces 21-40…

Finally move the car park models so they are occupying the same 3d space (on top of each other at every point…
And when you change scenes it should show some spaces from the “doing” or red car park, and the rest of the spaces from the “done” or green car park. You can also use different camera angles

As noted, this is how I might approach the problem but there might be a far more sophisticated way with component animation that I just don’t know

Hi Josh,

Hidden Geometry is one of the properties of a Scene.
Utilizing that property to control visibility might be less cumbersome than assigning groups to Layers.
Here’s the method I used to create the Scenes in the attached demo: Car Park.skp (106.1 KB)

Create two Components
• Green
• Red

Position a Green slightly above a Red.
Select both and then Move/Copy/Array as needed.
Create Scene 1

Select 20 Greens > Hide > create Scene 2

Click Scene 1 to unhide all.
Select the next phase of 20 Greens > Hide > create Scene 3

Click Scene 1 to unhide all.
Select the next phase of 20 Greens > Hide > create Scene 4 > and so on…


Thanks guys, and thanks Geo for going to the trouble of creating a file, that seems like a great idea.

Just one quick question. Is it possible to set some sort of a fade on the spaces when they changes scenes?

Thanks again for your help.

SU’s animation settings are found in the Model Info Dialog.
Window > Model Info > Animation
There you can control the Transition time (camera travel speed) and Delay time (camera dwell period)
There is no way to control the speed of change from visible to hidden. It’s either On or Off.

Perhaps exporting an animation and then some video editing magic would create the fade effects.


It would be possible to write a plugin to fade the Fog setting in and out on Scene transition thereby simulating a fade-in/fade-out effect. I have no desire to write it at this time, though.