Captioning for sketchup tutorials


I teach Deaf and hard of hearing students at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf
I was hoping to teach my students how to use Sketchup so they can create objects for the 3d printers they are building.
Do you offer any tutorials that have captioning?


The SketchUp Videos have a Subtitles/CC button for subtitles in English and many other languages.


You can also check out my channel I’ve uploaded corrected captions for most of my videos, so you can use the caption option in YouTube. (Sometimes the translation doesn’t always come out correctly, so that’s why I’ve uploaded manual ones)


My question came from trying to watch these tutorials which don’t seem to
have the cc buttons



You’ll find a great many of the videos there are outdated.
The most up-to-date video tutorials (withC/C) are found at SketchUpVideo — YouTube


The tutorials linked/shown on the SketchUp Sage are explained in English text. Quite a few will have downloadable SKP files with captioned explanations.

Also search the 3D Warehouse for downloadable tutorials. Students can make their own modifications to models as they click through the Scenes which will lead them step-by-step through a touchy-feely approach.


@tsimpson1, I have been asked to teach Sketchup to a Deaf person. Did you ever find a good approach or set of tools for your training? Thanks!