Capital letter at start of new line

I am wondering why the text created
In the ‘Lable’ setting in Layout has to be capitalised
At the beginning of a new line. Surely
Only sonnets and other poems are most times written in such a way.

You should set that to music.


Do you mean you are seeing labels as on the left? I get the text as on the right unless I capitalize the letters. I had to intentionally make the one on the left here.

Can you share an example LO file showing this?

Hi Dave, No, I have to intentionally change automatic capital letters to undercase letters… like thisTygerberg Hospital Roof - Text Test.layout (812.8 KB) Those that are ‘normal’ have been physically changed after entering the text.

That’s strange. Which Mac OS version?

I see this with normal, non-capitalized text after a carriage return.

clicked the linked article…

turn OFF auto capitalise…



Auto capitalize didn’t change it for me. I still get the same as @DaveR. Maybe it differs in 2019 vs 2020? Edit: nope, 2019 doesn’t do it either…

What you show is what I expect to happen. I am working on a MacBook Pro (15 inch, 2018) 2,2 Ghz Intel Core k716GB Ram 250GB SSD Radeon Pro 555X 4GB Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB. SU2019 … about to upgrade to SU2020

I did this in LO2020 but never saw this issue in 2019 either. Why don’t you try installing 2020 and see if you get a different result? If you leave SU/LO2019 alone, you can still use it. At least you can test to see if it’s version related. I’ve never seen another report of this and you would think at least one other person would have complained about it considering the amount of time since SU/LO2019 was released.

That’s all good information about your system but what version of the Mac OS are you using?

oops, sorry misread that. 10.14.6 Mojave

No worries. Maybe you could add that to your profile.