Canvas Scanning Program

So i got an email today from sketch up that introduced e to the Canvas program. It looks awesome! The only down far is that everything I can find to read says that they only make it for the I-Pad. Is this accurate? I have a Surface Pro-4 and it blows my I-pad out of the water with 3D design, etc. Im trying to figure out if there is a similar program for the Pro-4

My jaw also dropped at the video. It really appears that it is an ipad-only device.

Its frustrating, i could use this program every day if it were available for Pro-4. I cant go back to using my I-pad after switching, My Pro-4 is far to superior!

Structure Sensor is a hardware attachment and Canvas has been written for IOS on the Apple devices it fits…


Same… until I learned that it takes 48 hours to convert the file to .skp

I understood from the documentation that conversion is partly carried out by humans, not a totally automatic process.

Poor CAD monkeys :monkey:

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