Can't update extension



I just upgraded to the latest SU but it now tells me I have to upgrade my Trimble Extension, but when I try to Upgrade, it says I can’t do it unless I am signed in.

But I am signed in here, or else I couldn’t be posting this question, right? What to do?


Signing in to the forum is not at all the same as signing into SketchUp. You can clearly see in your first screen shot that you are not signed in in SketchUp.


Ah, got it.

I had to reset my PW here though. I’m not sure why there are different PWs for the forum and for Trimble extension manager. The Extension Manager remains one of the most confusing things, to me at least.
What is new in this version?
I see in Layout it responds differently to copy and pasted spreadsheet sections from Excel.


You should not have had to change your password unless you’d forgotten the old one.

They can be different or they can be the same. It’s up to the way you set up your accounts.

New version of what?

What do you mean differently?

It’s not a good idea to copy and paste from Excel to LayOut. It’s better to Insert the xlsx file into LayOut using File>Insert and then select the range of cells you’re interested in. Copying creates a reference in a temporary directory which will be deleted when the OS does maintenance. Losing the reference file is obviously not helpful.


Hmm, that creates a bit of a mess:

See the insert on the right with all the mispaced rows and columns and the correct layout on the left with the yellow highlighting from the spreadsheet Copy/Paste. The only problem with the latter, I’ve found is that it tends to fade over repeated saves and has to be reimported. I also export the layout file to PDF.


You can format the inserted spreadsheet.

Or live on the edge with Copy and Paste and take the risk of losing the reference.


But I just upgraded my OS to Mojove and I still had the .layout file, though, come to think of it, I did have to restore it from my Google Drive at one point after that when a bunch of pasted images disappeared. Where are these temporary files stored? Is there somewhere I can look for them and save them if I upgrade? I do a lot of pasting from both SU and other programs into Layout.
I also lost my ability to print in Word 2008 after upgrading, but I suppose that is getting long in the tooth anyway…


I give up.


I haven’t ever done this with Layout, but I have with other programs: Have you ever used the shift key in Excel and then go Edit menu -> Copy as Picture for your selection in Excel?


What happens when you paste that result?


Hmm, I guess Excel 2008 didn’t have a Copy as Picture option:

i don’t want to upgrade to the subscription model. It is so expensive compared to just buying it once.


I’d swear Copy as Picture went back to the 1990’s or even earlier.


What am I missing? It’s not even grayed out. It just isn’t there.


Also, on a Mac, you can Print… -> save as PDF and import the PDF, I suppose.


I’m on Excel 2011. Also try holding down shift before clicking on the edit menu? That seems to make a difference.


Thanks. That made the option appear now. I also have to click on the As Shown when Printed option in the subsequent dialog box to get proper formatting in cases where the spreadsheet spans two pages.


I can never remember which one to use.

I do remember using this back when I had a pen plotter (so early to mid '90s). Each border for each cell comes through as a line segment, so it was painful to watch it plot. The plot would be more efficient if you redrew the whole grid with long lines, but the point of copy and paste was to save drafting time. You ended up paying in long plot times. Now that’s not an issue anymore.