Can't Type in Measurement Box

Hi Guys, I am trying to scale a 3d model I found online in sketchup, but when using the measuring tape and after selecting an edge, I cannot type in the measurement box to set the scale. I have read a couple of posts on this already, and it is not my num lock, nor anything to do with a dynamic component. The file is an STL I have imported using the extension ‘STL import and export’, if that makes a difference.



Are you clicking in the Measurements box? If so, don’t. For resizing you need to click on two endpoints before typing the desired dimension.

Yes I am selecting the two end point first.

And then what?

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Sorry. I click the end points of the object I want to scale, I can then see the length of the object in the bottom right hand corner measurement box, but then when clicking on that same box to type in what size I would like the object to be, it is just non-interactive, cannot be typed in. I noticed I cannot do the same with positioning the object as well. Am I just missing something obvious?

As I said in my first post, don’t click in the Measurements box. Click the two endpoints and then just type.the desired dimension. There’s never any reason to click in the Measurements box before entering numbers.

Thank you very much, yes silly me :smiley:.

Read through this thread, learned I shouldn’t be clicking in the measurement box, so I typed my measurement for the offset tool and hit return. My lines appeared, but there’s no dimension listed in the box, how do I know the correct measurement was entered?

Thank you in advance!

Generally if I have any doubt that the dimension will be correct, I look at the keys while I’m typing. :smiley:

The value remains in the Measurements window if you don’t move the cursor after entering it.

If you frequently have difficulty entering dimensions correctly, you could use the Tape Measure tool to double check.

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What a sarcastic answer Dave. Gee thanks. Nothing wrong with my typing skills, but if I’m designing something to be built in the future, I’d like to be able to see the measurements :wink:

Sorry to answer the question you directed at me. I wasn’t being sarcastic.

You can add a dimension with the Dimension tool if you need to see that.

It will offset exactly what you enter. To check, you can always use the measuring tape to see if it entered what you typed. If you typed in error (it happens), just undo and type again. I usually keep an eye on my measurements indicator to see that what I’m typing is correct. Cheers!

Thank you so much! Weird though that typically the measurement shows up in the box. I just like to see it before I proceed without having to measure, but thank you again!

As I wrote before: