Can't see model, zoom extents doesn't show me anything, select all

Hi, total noobie user here with a super basic model. I did something (panned with my trackpad?) and now I can’t see model and zoom extents doesn’t show me anything, not even the axes. When I “select all” via a rectangle from right to left or control-A, it says I selected 42 components, but I can’t see them.

Here is the file:

Thank you for any help.

Here it is fixed. Camera was upside down.

Usually when Zoom Extents doesn’t seem to work it’s because there’s something located at a huge distance from the rest of the model. I’m not seeing that in your model, though.

Miter station work bench fixed.skp (259.2 KB)

I do see that you’ve hidden the geometry inside of the Base component. In order to make that visible again you’ll need to open the component for editing first.

Whoa, that was fast! Thank you!

This has happened before, but I quickly close it and reopen it (or undo a few times) and everything reappears. This time I was stubborn and tried to find it myself. Care to share how you fixed it so I can try next time?

I just hit Ctrl+A to select everything in the model and then used a keyboard shortcut for Zoom Selected. I believe that would be Command-A on Mac.

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Same here. And yes it was upsidedown.

And a little more digging reveals two instances of that Base component with the hidden geometry.

Ugh, I feel stupid. You guys make it sound so easy. Yes, I was in the middle of modifying that base component when this happened. Thank you!

21 years of using SketchUp and seeing lots of models from others helps.

Your model is puzzling in its construction. There are overlapping instances of the drawers. I moved them out to the side. And the other drawers and ad other stuff including the scale figure are duplicated. I’d guess you imported that bit shown selected?

Are you intending to create plans for this bench?

“Puzzling in its construction” haha. Yes, I’m fiddling around and learning as I go. :slight_smile: I am modeling this to build a bench, but not publish any plans. I do intend to make some kind of plan for myself based on this, but more or less making sure my thoughts and calculations work out in a 3D world before I proceed with buying and cutting material. I’ve already noticed a couple gotchas I would have encountered. I didn’t know so much was duplicated, but I did know some things were overlapping.

I’ll try to unhide all and sort that out. The web version is confusing. I wish I had access to the outliner - I’m assuming that would make it easier to see all these instances and where they exist.

Outliner would help find the duplicates and the weird nesting. You can get that with SketchUp Go which is also web based.

I’m still poking at your model. Things like the base frame and the drawers are modeled as if they’ll be whittled out of large blocks. Not a bad thing if you only want the overall dimensions but kind of problematic if you want to be able to dimension each part.

Although not as inexpensive as SketchUp Go, you might benefit by springing for Pro. It would give you options for more tools and you could make yourself a proper set of plans to take to the shop. Maybe even sell them to cover some of your costs.

Yes, you caught up to where I was. I first model giant blocks to get dimensions, then I was going back to trace a face and extrude a material thickness to make them individual pieces of wood. I think the only piece I got to that point was the cabinet box on the right. I may consider sketchup go, it’s not that expensive.

Watch the tracing thing. It’s a great way to wind up with overlapping elements that are difficult to find.
I started to rework you model a little but I won’t take all your fun.

Miter station work bench fixed.skp (150.3 KB)

Go isn’t terribly expensive.

Thanks. I see ~3 different instances now. I’ll check them out. Thanks for the tip on tracing…I did have a face/rectangle somewhere I couldn’t find yesterday.

The ones in the background are yours. I didn’t delete them. The one at the origin is what I modeled. Instead of trcing what you had modeled, I shoved yours back so I could look at it for reference and to get dimensions from but then I made the model from scratch in the foreground.

Thanks for the help yesterday. I learned a bunch from your model last night. I need to model individual pieces of wood rather than a big hunk of fictitious material with the right dimensions. I also learned from how you named items and how you grouped them into components. Just wanted to say thanks again.

Also, I knew this intuitively, but realized using a mouse it a lot easier than a trackpad.

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Some people find they can use a trackpad for Sketchup, and recent versions of Pro, iPad and web editions make it easier, but I’ve always found a 3-button scroll wheel mouse to be easier, faster, and more fluid in use.