Can't see material windows

Oh I see now it is the Create Material dialog which is a floater. So it makes sense.
My Mistake, thought it was just the standard material dialog.

So now that you have that dialog showing. Save your SketchUp file and then open the PrivatePreferences.json file. What are the coordinates that show now?

The modal Edit Material dialog box in the code writer have the same information
that I write last time
“ModalEditMaterialDlg”: {
“show”: false,
“sticky”: false,
“x”: 100,
“y”: 100
Nothing change there

Did you close that file and save your SketchUp model?

After I move the floating dialog box with Colin give (Alt+Space) enter and move with the arrow.
I replace the box. After I close Sketchup and when I open it evething it’s ok

That’s good but you should have been able to get it back as I showed. I suggested that because the user from the thread I linked to couldn’t make the method Colin suggested work. Here’s an example of what I get.

With the coordinates I showed previously the Create Material dialog opens right next to the tray.

I closed SketchUp, edited the coordinates to 100,100 and reopened SketchUp. Clicking on the Create Material button in Materials, the dialog opens in the upper left corner of the screen.

Yes Dave your solution is really good to. I try it again and it work.
The thing is we have to save. I just close it, the information stay there
but don’t work. When we save everything is ok.

Thanks !

Missed an important step. It’ll get you every time.

Yes and I know that haha
Thanks Dave for your fast response

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… and I think the OP said they had SketchUp open when editing the JSON files. This will not work as SketchUp overwrites these files when it closes. So we must only edit JSON preference files when SketchUp is closed.

That is always a bit tricky, but there were some questions about whether SketchUp was quit or not. I have had cases where completely deleting that file after quitting SketchUp didn’t solve the off screen issue. I am of course skeptical, but there could be combinations we’re not thinking of.

Thank you! I was really tearing my hair out with this problem today until I found your answer. Worked like a charm to find my dialog box, and I’m sure it will come in handy with any similar problems in the future.