Can't save Sketchup for Web file to iMac computer running osMac Catalina 10.15.3?

I tried to install Trimble Connect Sync beta on my iMac computer running osMac Catalina 10.15.3 and was not allowed saying it was not approved by Apple. Is there any other way to save a Sketchup for Web project to my computer?

You could still install, but you would have to go to system preferences -> security and manually give ok to install.
You can also download a file (current model) from SketchUp Free in the file handlings menu on the upper left.

Try running the installer by holding down the control key and right-clicking on the installer. You’ll be prompted with a security alert, but clicking Open should allow the installer to run.

I’m confused. I thought Sketchup Free was the same as Sketchup for Web. In web app there is no download option available in the menu when I click on the folder icon.

Download a skp model from SketchUp Free/Shop (web)

Yesterday there was no “Download” option in that menu on my app. But I just looked and it is there now. I just downloaded a file and opened it with SU 2017 and it worked perfectly!

Thanks so much.

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