Can't save sketches since 1/15 Update

Ever since 1/15/2020 update that included changes to the saving dialog and TrimbleConnect, I can’t save or access TrimbleConnect. I get a colorful bear that says something went wrong please try again later. Is this a known issue or is there a way for me to fix this? I really need to be able to save new sketches. I am a free user, I don’t know if that makes a difference.


Have you tried clearing the browser?

Do you mean temp files and cache? No, I haven’t tried that but I can.

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No luck clearing the cache. Even tried in Incognito mode just to see if that made a difference. No luck. Same result.

Odd, where are you located? If you have a vpn, you could try a server from another location.
A cold reboot might work, too

The US. No access to VPN at the moment, but I can try from another machine in a little bit.