Can't save file

using ketchup free on web, it gives me the option to save, asked to name folder but doesn’t save

What happens if you try to download the file to your computer? How large is the file? Can you share it so we can see what you’re working with?

I already lost an entire kitchen remodel, cabinets and all, then I tried saving just a simple box, it still gives the option to save and name the folder but it doesn’t save

Does the folder exist in your Trimble Connect account? What if you log in to is the folder and your file there? What browser are you using?

Again, can you download a file to your computer?

Are you redoing your kitchen? Had you already started the file and saved it before? Have you been able to save files previously?

it won’t let me save to my computer unless its saved, not able to share

ill try try Trimble right now, but I bought it, it never let me save it, I logged out then logged back in and it was gone

What did you buy? You wrote you’re using the free version. There’s nothing to buy with that version of SketchUp.

yes I did save files on the first drawing, but could not save the 3 hour drawing I made after that

I didn’t buy anything

weird but I didn’t type I bought it

Perhaps the file was too large.

Again what browser are you using?

Well the text says:

Seems like something strange is going on with your computer. Maybe it needs a reboot.

it was a typo, the file wasn’t too large, it won’t even save a small square

I’m using safari

Try using Chrome. See: Getting Started with SketchUp for Web | SketchUp Help

  • A Recommended Web Browser: SketchUp for Web depends on WebAssembly, a new technology requiring cutting-edge browser support. For the best experience, we recommend Chrome 59+, Firefox 52+ or Microsoft Edge 84+. Although SketchUp for Web will work in Safari, we cannot confidently recommend this browser at this time.

this first one, I ended up trying to modifying it, but decided to do another one, how do I share it

Download it to your computer and then drag the file into a reply here.

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