Can't resize fog tray

I changed display’s option in windows. close up to 150% of text and other things…
Then, I can’t see the whole size of tray. especially the fog tray.
So I can’t change the fog’s color.
It’s very annoying… Please fix this!! google!!!

First, Google has nothing to do with this so I don’t know why you’d be asking them to fix it. And it has nothing to do with LayOut, either.

Minimize the other windows or temporarily turn them off in the Layer Manager under the Window manager. Then you can adjust the height of the Fog window.

Or set the display back to 100%.

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FYI: The sizing issues with UI scaling (in SU2016) has been reported and logged already.

So, if its been logged how come it still happens in 2018?

same problem with the fog box

Because they haven’t fixed it yet, perhaps ?

I’ve waited 10 years for UI fixes that haven’t yet been done.

I know.

You might try to reduce your display scaling a bit until you can size it again ?

Tried em all!
It would also be nice to be able to have two columns of tools on the left side under the large set.

I have no issue running at 100% display scaling. The Fog panel is 100% of it’s intended size.
(And yes it is not designed to have a sizable lower border like all the browser panels. This is turns out in retrospect was an error.)