Can't reset workspace

i can’t get any of the drop down boxes (like paint, etc) to work. even the preferences—then reset workspace tabs are off of the screen. Help!

It sounds like you have changed the number or layout of your monitors recently?
If so,
Sometimes it is an easy fix, disconnecting a monitor and opening SU can make it reset itself so you can get to preferences and reset the workspace.
If that doesn’t work you can try, with SU open and the preferences window apparently open off screen, change the digital position of the monitors until you find where it is opening the preferences window. It’s usually wherever you last had the monitor positioned before making any changes.
If neither of those work there is a regedit that I might be able to find.

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See this article at the SketchUp Sage…
How do I retrieve a dialog box that has disappeared? (Windows OS only)

I have the same probleme, I have 2 screens and I just unplug my second screen and everything come back on the first screen. Maybe that help