Can't rename tags (layers) in 2021 Pro

There used to be a note about it in the help files, but now even Aaron mentions it, at 1.47m

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From an existing bug report I figured out that the problem occurs if you click further left than six characters from the end of the name. Click at ‘2’ in a name of ‘123456789’, and it’s likely to go wrong. Click at ‘p’ in ‘abcdefghijklmnopqrstu’ and it is likely to work.


Hi Colin. Many thanks for your input on this. I’m glad to see the odd behaviour acknowledged! As you’ve noted above, clicking to the far right of the field results in normal editing behaviour. I’ve now tried it with both long and short tag names, and also bundled them into tag folders (nice feature, by the way!) which resulted in the same bizarre behaviour. So … click to the right of the name field every time. Sorted! Ish…

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I had this issue come up today. I discovered that tag names from an inserted .dwg would not change. After exploding the inserted group/component, I was able to rename their tags.

I know that this issue has been worked on, and I can’t give an estimate of when a SketchUp update will include a fix for the issue. A fix did not make it into yesterday’s 2021.0.1 update.