Can't remove end of hole in object


I imported an STL into Sketchup, and now I’m trying to make some minor changes and cleanups. In the model, there are a few holes cut into it. Somehow I managed to get two of the holes capped off, but I can’t delete the cap. I don’t know how to better explain it.

The Sketchup file is here: Makamaka_left_end_I2.skp (198.0 KB)

A picture showing the two circles I can’t delete is here:

Thanks in advance for any help.


In future if the file is less than 3mb just attach it directly here using the 7th button from the left at the top of the message box.
Same with the image. No need for us to go looking elsewhere.

As to your issue, Select the holes and hit delete on your keyboard.


I don’t want to delete the holes, I want to delete the caps at the end of the holes. The holes are open on one side but mysteriously closed on the other, and when I try to select just the cap, it selects the whole bottom side, so I can’t delete just the cap.


Trace over one segment to make the circle cut.


Thanks, that worked. But why does it work? In a million years I would never have figured that out.


There are certain times when edges fail to break the surface, you can spot them because the profile is thicker. There isn’t a specific reason for it, but in your case the object is very small which makes in more likely to happen.
Just look for darker lines not around edges.


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