Can't reinstall extension

I use SU Make, 2017. I was using SketchUp STL to import/export STLs, but yesterday, “export STL” didn’t show up in the File drop down menu. I uninstalled SU STL from Extension Warehouse. Now, I don’t have the option to install it. The red button still says “uninstall”. If I click on uninstall, I get the error message “The extension could not be uninstalled for an unknown reason.” This happens with other extensions as well. Thanks in advance.

Did you shut SketchUp down and restart it?

There shouldn’t have been any reason to uninstall it in the first place but…

I’d be repairing your install if what @DaveR mentioned didn’t fix it.

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It is often the case that you must quit and restart SketchUp to get an extension change to “take”. It’s because often part of the extension is entangled with in-memory connections that need a restart to clear them.

Well, I agree with you. I shut down and restarted SketchUp and my computer, neither of which helped. I have closed SU and reopened many times with no success. I have uninstalled and reinstalled SU also. Still didn’t help.

Did you install SketchUp correctly? That is, did you right click on the installer file and select Run as administrator? If not, do so and repair the installation as Box indicated.

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I did, but a repair is inprog. Thanks for the fast feedback by the way. I’ll return with results.

Still no luck.

Sign out of warehouse, clear you cache and sign in again.

The only place I could find to sign out was extension manager. I did so, cleared cache, signed back in, and still no change.

Also, if I sign out, it gives me the option to download, however, to download, I have to sign in. Is this extension stored locally on my computer. If so can I delete/uninstall it locally?

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i have the exact same problem
i am getting a 3D printer soon and i cant figure out how to get the Stl to work i installed signed in and it didnt work what should i do?

Perhaps you need to go to the Plugins folder to make sure the file and folder have been removed.

I’ve downloaded the file from the Extension Warehouse. Try installing it manually with the Install Extension button in the Extension Manager.

sketchup-stl-2.2.0.rbz (162.5 KB)

I figured out a workaround. Log in to Extension Warehouse in your browser, not from within SketchUp. From there, download the extension to your computer. Once downloaded, open Window/Extension Manager. At the bottom left, there is a red “Install Extension” button. Click that, search for the .rbz file, and install it. This finally worked for me.

Did you figure it out?