Can't pull top face of walls

I can’t push or pull the top walls of my model, and I’m not sure why. What I’m basically trying to do is create the ceiling and space between floors. I want a clean 2nd story floor to build the second story floor plan on level 2.

model.skp (187.4 KB)

The top of your wall is prevent from push/pull by the awkward way it is connect to the top of the stairs. Once all of the stairs geometry that extends above the wall is erased, the walls can push pull.

It looks like you could really benefit from learning some of the SketchUp fundamentals,, especially using groups and components to wrap up all the different parts of your model so that they don’t stick to each other.

Ah thank you very much. Indeed, I need to watch some more tutorials. Just trying to hack this model up to learn

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