Can't place image on monitor

hey everyone,

i cant place image on monitor as texture? shows this blocked sign. any ideas?


Please don’t keep making new threads, edit your original if you make a mistake.
Your last question was spread over four threads, that just gets confusing for everyone.

As mentioned a couple of time before, we can only guess without seeing the model itself, so uploading the model or a part that shows the problem is the best way to get a quick answer.

My guesses here would be either it is a group/component that isn’t open for editing or you are trying to place an image not a texture.

sorry! I deleted the first entry of this topic by accident and couldnt reverse it.

Here is a segment of the skp file. Happy to hear some suggestions,

Thanks for your time people!

I have no problem importing an image to use.
Make sure you are in the correct context, you once again have nesting that is stopping you.
Also choose the correct option in the import dialog, Image is different to Texture and Matched Photo.

If you want to add the image as a Texture, double click the monitor until you reach the actual face, then Import the Image as a texture and place it on the face.

Thanks for your reply. What is nesting?

Nesting is when you have components or groups nested inside other components or groups.
As you see in this gif there are many levels to the nesting of the TV.


ah yes I see, and should I delete these or is there a way to hide them while I am placing the image on?

As I said above. By double clicking you open each component for editing, keep double clicking until you get to the face you want to put the image on. It will highlight when you get to it.

that’s wonderful, thanks a lot!!