Can't open some older SU models

My SU Pro doesn’t recognise some of my previous models. I work on Mac and when I click on that model in the finder, nothing happens. If I try and open the same model from the SU Pro application, that same file is greyed out.

Any ideas?


[ this might upload as more of an idea, than a solution… ]

Have you tried resetting the app that’s assigned to opening .skp files with.

  • Finder Window
  • ctrl+click on any .skp file
  • Get Info
  • Open With (… click into the pull down menu to choose an app).

HI JimD,

I tried that too and it didn’t work either. After an hour of trying last night and SU crashing several times, I managed to open the model I was after. I get this problem quite frequently since upgrading to Pro.

Which version of Mac OS are you using? Please add that in your profile along with the graphics card.