Can't open sketchup file

When I try to open my file a window pops up saying “File not found or invalid”

Help !

I tried uploading the file here for you but a message came up saying it’s too big. It’s a 6 MB file.

Upload it to DropBox and share the link.

I get a “Failed to open document” message, too. Do you have an autosaved version of the file? It would have a ~ appended to the file name. If so, can you open that?

I have sketchup set to autosave, but not to create a backup.

That’s unfortunate. It would be very useful to have a backup file right now.

Perhaps someone from the SketchUp team will see this and have a look. No guarantees but they might be able to get it opened.

Yes it is. I thought the autosave option was creating a backup already, because sometimes in my folder I would see an autosave file. This is not great.

It’s a good idea to leave the Create Backup option enabled.

Have you had a look in the folder to see if there’s any previous version?

I have older versions so I’m not at a total loss, but I spent all day updating this model.

I hate to say it but at this point, you might want to get newest older version open and start rebuilding it so at least you have some progress in case the latest file is unrecoverable.