Can't open Sketchup file which looks like its corrupted

Hi, my storage folder is corrupted and I my sketchup file says ‘This doesn’t appear to be a sketchup file’.
Can someone help me on how to retrieve the file data ?

If you share the file here @colin will probably take a look and use his magic stick of power to see what he can recover for you.

If the whole folder is corrupted there many not be hope. But, if you have autosave turned on, it would be worth looking in the welcome screen to see if there is a “recovered” version of that file. Try opening the recovered file, and if it opens successfully, save it as a new file.

If the storage folder is on a network drive, we do know of cases where that’s a bad thing. It would be better to save locally, and only copy to the network drive using File Explorer, as a way to keep a backup copy (in the hope that the folder doesn’t get corrupted again).

As Dave said, if you can put the files you have online somewhere, I can take a look.