Can't open my file after turning on Hybrid

Can someone help me open my file? Once i turned on Hybrid and saved, now i cannot open the file up again and the backup file is the same.

the file size is 221,631KB which should be fine.

link to file: Dropbox - 12.1_A-3.0_Cross Sections_Main House.layout - Simplify your life

200+ MB is a large file. I wouldn’t consider it to be “fine”.

I presume since you just joined that you’re using SketchUp/LayOut 2024. You didn’t fill out your profile correctly so maybe that’s wrong. You could go into LayOut’s Preferences>Performance and enable Draft mode. That might help.

I would suggest that you reset the viewports to Raster while you are working in LO. It also wouldn’t hurt to clean up your SketchUp files. I went through the Scanned House file. Fixed incorrect tag usage and purged unused stuff.
Screenshot - 4_26_2024 , 5_53_12 PM

Screenshot - 4_26_2024 , 5_53_36 PM

I also resized a bunch of the largest texture images. Some excessively large ones on my players in your model. In this one the largest texture image is for a label on a wine bottle. Sure that label isn’t the star of the show in this model. That cleanup reduced the size of the SketchUp file by almost 25%.

Similar sort of thing for the Scanned Garage model. 33% reduction for the Oswald file.

Reducing the SketchUp files would help to make the LayOut file easier to work with.