Can't navigate through website

Hello, I’m new, just got an account yesterday. Was hoping to just to get the free one but it looks like they automatically signed me up for the 30 day trial of the most expensive one. Which is kind of frustrating in itself. Anyway, an architect friend suggested this site to me, I’m looking to build a log cabin and want to get drawings up. Site seemed awesome when I first used it but now I can’t seem to access it. I log in to my Trimble account but I can’t get to the drawing portion of my account.Can someone tell me how navigate this? Can’t call customer support unless I have paid account apparently.

Assuming you have an account try to go to the app directly and see what you get:

Have you expanded the part “View included Applications” in your screenshot?

The 30 day trial isn’t one where you have to cancel if you’re not interested. You will not have been asked for any credit card details for example.

Maybe some day there will be separate trials for Studio, Pro, and Shop, but at the moment there is only the Studio trial. If you’re not interested in the desktop application you can ignore that. One small thing to note though, that for the first 30 days your Free app will be letting you try the Shop features. Those Shop only features will go away after the trial.