Can't login to trimble to use sefaira

I get this every time I try to login to sefaira. I am on a trial version of 2020 through my university. I have previously had sketchup and sefaira worked fine on 2018 and 2019 versions. They expired so noe I’m on trial of Pro 2020. downloaded Sefaira fine and loaded extension etc…when I go to login to trimble to get into sefaira it locks up…

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I am having the same issue with a 2020 demo version of Sketchup. I made sure to download the 2020 version of the Sefaira plugin, and I have re-started and re-installed the plugin several times with no luck. I keep getting stuck on the login screen. When I push “next” nothing happens. I will add that the Extension Manager says the Sefaira plugin is “unsigned”.

Hi @Jon71 & @rob6, thanks for reaching out. I apologize that your messages got past me. It seems like Sefaira is having a hard time locating the latest version of Internet Explorer on your machines.

Could you please make sure that you have Internet Explorer 11 or later installed on your machines and then run the attached Registry file. Make sure that all instances of SketchUp is closed when you run the .reg file. The file ensures that Sefaira is looking for the latest version of IE on your machine.

Please let me know if that solves this issue for you.

Thanks Niraj, you already helped me out, thanks again!

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Same Problem as the others.
Registry change did not fix the problem.

Looks like the HTML code on the login screen is missing a > making the “Next” button unusable.
the HTML code before and after “OR” on the login screen kind of indicates a goof.

Hi @criswilson10,

Can you share a screenshot of what you see when trying to loggin in? More specifically I am interested in what you see below the “Next” button.

@criswilson10 the " ‐ OR &dash" that you are seeing below the “Next” button leads me to believe that what you are experiencing has got to do with how Sefaira interfaces with Internet Explorer on your machine.

Could you download the registry file here >> close all instances of SketchUp >> run the registry file >> and see if that solves the login issue for you?

I suspect that an instance of SketchUp could have been running on your machine when you tried it last. Please let me know what comes of it.