Can't login Sketchup 23

Hi everyone,

I created an account and pay for Sketchup Pro since a while now.
Recently I tried to log in on my iMac, and suddenly it tells me to refresh or restart my browser and to finish the login in it.
I did that though, I am logged in both on Trimble and on Sketchup plus I restarted my computer etc.

I am paying for a Sketchup Pro and am quite annoyed with the fact that the program does not work at all since I do rely on it job- wise.

Any idea what to do?


What is the OS version? Please add that to your forum profile.

Ventura 13.5 - the latest

Put that in yuor forum profile, then.

Ventura is not currently supported by SketchUp. Some other users have reported issues and the recommendation has been to roll back to the previous operating system version.

Will do - thanks!
Alright, I didnt check that before upgrading, you’re right… Hope the issue will be solved soon - I wouldn’t want to roll back, since I have to use it for software like Photoshop and Archicad/Redshift etc.

I will have to wait for a fix by sketchup then…

Thanks again!

Ventura is supported by sketchup, Sonoma isn’t supported yet, but sketchup 2023 has support for Ventura. I use sketchup 2023 with Ventura and I have had no issues so far.

My mistake. I just looked at the OP’s “the latest” remark.

Sorry, I am confused now. Somona is already out? My bad then, I recently updated to Ventura, and thought its the latest version!
I might be logged in on my second computer at home - might this be the issue with my error to login here?

Thanks for the advices!

Have you tried signing out in SketchUp?
[menu] Help > signout

Then quit SketchUp
[menu] SketchUp > Quit

Then start SketchUp again.