Can't log in after crash recovery

This should be entirely automated so in recovering and reinstalling, as a Pro user, I should be able to EASILY get right back in. NOT so; I signed out of my account (as it asked), logged in, got the “you’re logged into all things Sketchup” BUT NOOOOO! Trying to bring up the reinstalled Sketchup, even as an Admin, just won’t happen.

WTF is this???!!!

What version of SketchUp? What operating system? What graphics card? Your profile says SketchUp Pro on iOS but SketchUp Pro doesn’t run on iOS. And if your computer has no GPU, there’ll be nothing to see.
Screenshot - 4_27_2023 , 9_45_47 PM

I have both Sketchup Pro Windows (10) for my desktop and Sketchup Ipad. An older Nvidia graphics card for the desktop PC. Windows 10 crashed; I had to reinstall W10. But Sketchup will not let me back in on the Windows OS. But that’s not the point. The point is, with all the advances in OTHER programs; it should have been a simple matter of reinstalling Sketchup (2023), and signing in. It seems that Trimble Company is ignoring those types of advances, and the customer service for support does not favor the customers. Inexcusable and irresponsible. I then deleted SU 2023 as a program, and went into the user and registry folders, deleting all SU folders, then reinstalled, made certain I was signed out of my Su account, rebooted, and then signed in. After reading the message “you’re signed into to all things SU” I thought I would get back in, but NOooooooooo. I had received a set of steps from support at SU 2 days ago, that ended with "let me know if you are still having trouble. That is what I did two days ago and no reply. Bunch of BS.

Maybe @colin could help or know of someone who can help you with this problem.

What message do you see when you start SketchUp?