Can't load any warehouse items to Make 2015

I can’t load any items from the warehouse.

  1. Resident menu says it can’t connect
  2. When I download direct to download directory and try to import, says I need newer version.

Am I left unable to use warehouse in 2015?


I just downloaded a model in 2015. Your profile says Win10, so until 2017, we used the native webkit - that means, you need to launch IE(it’s IE 11 on Win10), and clear it’s cache. You could also remove your cache for SketchUp - it’s in /Users/YOUR_HOME/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/cookiejar.xml

I will try to clear Sketchup cache asap. (I’m responding from Android at this moment.)

I don’t get the IE cache thing. I simply downloaded a model to my hard drive and that model would not load to Sketchup. Why would the browser matter in this case?. … SU simply said I couldn’t load a model made in a newer version.

Will SU 2015 find appropriate model versions on its own?


You need to download the right version.

It will if you access the Warehouse directly in SketchUp.

Rather than just hit download on a model when browsing online, if you click once to navigate to the mode on it’t own page, when you select download multiple options come up. You need to choose SketchUp 2015 or earlier from the list.

Edit : oh beaten by Dave

And to troubleshoot 2015 in SketchUp: you can type IE controls to check your connectivity inside the 3DWarehouse window. Type Control-L and you can try other addresses to see if you have any internet connectivity (try your company’s page, try a few web sites, try, and The IE cache thing and the Safari cache thing on Mac in versions previous to 2017 is due to the fact that in olden days, we couldn’t be sure that people would have anything but a native browser on their machine, and to embed one like we do today was painful with a big download required. Times change.

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