Can't license SketchUp, keeps saying trial expired

We purchased a subscription to sketchup and we can log into the web account and view it.
However, the initial purchase was taking too long so we set up the designer with a trial. Now no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall it keeps saying the trial has expired and apparently you can’t contact sketchup support without a license key which we don’t have because it’s a subscription. This is absurd. I blasted off emails to the purchasing people but they haven’t responded.

I need support to contact me ASAP.

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What subscription? Pro=299,Shop=119
In the Web-account, did you assign the right product to the right user?
(Depending on were you bought the subscription, there are different Plans and Member’s area on the left)

There is no need for de- or reinstlling. There is one version of SketchUp Pro, only the way it is licensed may differ.

I am having this same (or similar) issue. I have purchased Sketchup Pro=299. (almost $400 Canadian dollars) and no matter how many times I sign in and sign out, it still says my trial has expired. In my “payment history” on the account it says I have paid for it but nothing else shows up anywhere to indicate that I received a license of any kind. I made the purchase 11 days ago and have had no response or contact back yet.

Did you uncheck the autoassign option while buying?
This means that you would have to assign yourself.
Go to your AMP [menu]Help->manage license and log in with the Trimble ID that has bought the Subscription.
Then, in the Member area of the Plan that you bought (eg. not the Free Plan) assign yourself!

I replied to your support message. What Mike was saying is the problem to fix. I gave you instructions.

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