Can't install 2018 Pro on my laptop


I had 2017 on my laptop and tried to install 2018. I would get a bug splat crash notification when I tried to run 2018. This was a couple weeks ago. Today I uninstalled both. I tried to reinstall 2018 and it won’t install. My virus protection (company managed) is saying that the software has Adware/Caqjk virus attached to the installer and won’t install it.

I will find out from my admin about the adware, but I also am concerned that even with that, there is still something wrong with the installer.


Where did you download the installer from?


From the sketchup website. It looks like Fortinet flags anything that shows ads.



There should not be any adverts in Pro? Where do you see those?


I can’t. It won’t complete the install. It was just some info Fortinet had when I tried to install.



Sounds like you need to speak to your admin/IT dept. If there was an issue with a faulty installer then it would be more widely reported I am sure.

Most likely your security software is blocking it for some reason thinking it is adware.


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