Can't group imported STL file


Yesterday I imported (with a plug-in) an STL-file (
I loaded the “far side” and imported it successfully.

Now I can’t group the imported tile, because I want to melt it with 3d-text and later to melt it with a cylinder to get a round tile. Hmmm…

I alway get an error message when I want to melt the text on the tile: not a volume component (translated - got the german version).
Any idea?



See this for how to use Engraved Text:

To use Solid Tools, see:

And the User’s Guide is here:


@Honkytonky, I just imported the STL file in it was already grouped. So, the issue you are experiencing could be due to the plugin.

PS- Dan is a one of our power user and most of his suggestions help other SketchUp users. There is no need to use foul language in your replies.


Hmm… that was interesting. We don’t have a high bar for comments, we allow criticism (we’ve enjoyed TiG’s contributions here for years, after all), but we do request a reasonable level of civility.


How many forums do you need to get a satisfactory answer, Honky?


His main problem is using incorrect terminology, which translates to English poorly. I did read his post, which says he wanted to “melt” text into a solid. Which sounds like text engraving.

But he really meant “meld” (which is a boolean Union operation.)

Then he demands instant success without any study, and gets nasty when we attempt to point him toward prepared instructions.

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    The 3rd post here (by the original poster) was so vulgar and profane that admins deleted it from view.
    The thread starter left this realm (with only 11 minutes in total spent here,) and has since not returned.

This and another abuse yesterday is making me consider ceasing to be a Sage. It is not fun to be abused. Especially when not getting paid. If it will be like this, I might as well go get a helpdesk job where I can at least be paid to be abused.

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@DanRathbun needs a hug, folks. There’s a little heart below his post just above mine. I’ll start the “Hug a SketchUp Sage” campaign, modeled after


N = (everyone - 1) feels like you here, I remember this behaviour too (a very frustrating discussion with B…).


@danrathbun - Please don’t let the recent full “Blood” moon with a lunar eclipse to boot causing irrational behavior cause you to cease being a SketchUp sage. Your presence in the forum has helped countless SketchUp’ers through countless issues (myself included). The compliments and praise don’t come nearly as often as they should - but you are a sage sage and in a room full of thousands of pleased grasshoppers, a handful of porcupines should just add to the ecosystem. Melt, shmelt. Please stick around.


I agree. Thank you, Dan.

We really appreciate all the help you provide to SketchUp users that come to our forum eager to learn and put the work in to improve their skills.