Can't get edges, extensions, scenes to show - import from ArchiCAD - help

After importing a simple file form Archicad 18, the model doesn’t want to show edges, or extensions. Scenes are downgraded in appearance. Can’t figure out the trick. I know there’s a simple solution out there.

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Go to Window > Styles dialog where you will be able to change the visual edge properties


Same problem here … to activate the Edges via Styles/Edit doesn’t work! :frowning:

Could you share the SKP file?

Sorry NO. I am not allowed to share ongoing projects …:unamused:

Is View > Hidden Geometry checked ?

Archicad makes all the edges “hidden” on export; you need to un-hide them.
(Turn “hidden geometry” on, select ‘wireframe’ view and select everything. Then use the entity info box to un-tic the ‘hidden’ box.)

Note that Arcicad also exports each wall and slab as a cube - rather than actually joining two walls at a corner you will find an additional line… and deleting it will remove the inner wall face. You may have to “intersect faces with model” and do a bit of tidying up.

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Hidden edges + unhide ALL was the Problem! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot guys! :musical_note: