Cant get a block move into desired location

Uploading: Resort_rev1.skp…
I want the window be moved to the wall slot of the white house. I click the window block, press move and As i click the corner for it to move there it always goes back to its original positionUploading: Resort_rev1.skp(1)…

How can i downsize na file so i can uoload it here. Already deleted unimportant item within the drawing

Go, Window/Model info/Statistics and hit the Purge unused button.

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Nothing happens

How big is the file?

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12MB, got it from 40MB deleting all insignificant with regards to my issue

Add it to the 3D warehouse and share a link here, or drop box or similar.

1 Like just a gdrive, wasnt able to delete some here.

As a quick look It is a dynamic component that has either been geolocated or given a specific location.
If you explode it once and recomponent it it will go where you want.

By the way, you have many reversed faces in your model, when looked at in Monochrome you should be seeing white faces.

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Thanks. I just cleared all the data on the geolocation

Anyway, how do i do that, avoiding surfaces on reverse

Model in Monochrome mode, if a face is created reversed, then select it and use the right-click context-menu>Reverse to orient it correctly.
If it’s part of a surface, then switch View>Hidden-Geometry>ON and select the face and reverse it.
If there are some other reversed faces in the same surface or within a ‘solid’ use the context-menu>Orient to reverse them to match their neighbors.
Orient will fail in most non-solids because they’ll be faces with ambiguous orientation…

Only apply materials to faces towards the end of the modeling process, once faces are correctly oriented.

Correctly oriented faces are important in making solids for 3d-printing, and also when rendering using most 3rd-party apps, because any back-face material will be ignored and replaced with a black/white/transparent material in the completed render [it depends on the app].