Can't find the way to download 3d Models from 3D warehouse

I want to import objects in my KetchUp Pro project such as fridge, oven / gas cooker and could not find the way, even after having examined different Youtube tutorials.
In looking at Trimble 3D Warehouse, I did not find the way to import/download 3d Models (I got empty screen as seen in the attached creenshot
Can someone help me finding the correct way to do so?

Have a look at this.

According to your profile and your screenshot you aren’t using SketchUp Pro. It would also help if you stop referring to it as “Ketchup”.

If you ARE using SketchUp Pro, the correct way to get models from the 3D Warehouse is to go to Window>3D Warehouse and search for what you want there.

Thanks very much.
I found the 3D Wharehouse icon at the top of the screen and got what I wanted.

Yes, I do use SketchUp Pro but the screen I displayed are not the software in itself but the Trimble web page

So just a red herring.

Since you are using SketchUp Pro, please update your forum profile.