Cant find my assignment

I saved my assignment and it is now nowhere to be found. Many of my friends have had the same problem and I was wondering if anyone knows how to help. Please it’s for a grade and I did so much work for it to not save.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Pro. Is that correct? The typical save location with SketchUp Pro is in the Documents folder unless you save elsewhere. Do you know where you saved the file?

I saved it in Documents but when I go to open SketchUp, it doesn’t show up at all!

Do you see it if you look in the Documents folder in Finder?

what happens if you search for .skp files in Finder?

The only thing that comes up in .skp is the tutorials.

That’s searching the entire computer for .skp files?

Did you actually install SketchUp? That is, did you double click on the .dmg file you downloaded and then when the window opened, drag it into Applications?

If you saved your files in the documents folder then just locate them and open them. SketchUp doesn’t just delete files you save.

In a Finder window, type skp into the Search field in the upper right. When the drop down menu appears, choose Kinds - SketchUp Model File. Let it do the search in This Mac.

That should show all of the SketchUp files, no matter where they are.

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