Can't find model


RC Plane Model 1.skp (109.4 KB)
I can’t find my model. Please help.


RC Airplane.skp (41.4 KB)

Probably a bit of leader text at an infinitely great distance from the model.


:wink: ???


@DaveR was right: there was a leader text saying “Fuselage Side 2” that had gone to infinity. I deleted it and then zoom-extents worked.

This is a known bug in SketchUp. If you edit a face that has a leader text attached, SketchUp may lose its mind while trying to figure out where the text should go and move it out of the galaxy. The workaround for now is analogous to the old “if it hurts, don’t do that”: don’t attach leader texts in SketchUp until you are finished editing the model.

RC Plane Model 1.skp (116.5 KB)