Can't find layers manager

I just started using 17 seriously and can’t find layer manager. Must still be installed (from 16) because when I went to re-download it I was given only given the option to uninstall. I have a complex cabinet and need to separate the components into layers.

Which layer manager are you referring to?

In any case you don’t need an extension to assign components to layers. Create the layers in the Layers window and assign them to components in Entity Info

Your profile isn’t complete so I don’t know what operating system you are using but the Layers and Entity Info windows are found in the Default tray on the PC. They are activated in the Window menu on Mac.

PC Win 10 latest update. Not sure which layers manager, but I think the one shown in the building a side table tutorial.

What building a side table tutorial are you referring to?

As I wrote, all you need is the Layers and Entity Info windows in the Default tray.
Screenshot - 9_22_2017 , 9_30_29 PM

Had to go the warehouse to look up his name = Joe Zen – did the video and the Layers Manager extension. Thanks for helping me.

Found what you were showing me. Thanks!

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