Can't find how to modify dimensions


I’ve seen this feature used in youtube videos and around the web but I can’t seem to remember how to do it!! I’m looking for the/a feature when you type in a dimension for an object you use a word and it automatically fills in predefined dimensions, ex-“ply” would generate a 4x8x3/4’’ sheet of plywood, or ply would be 3/4’’ thick. It’s a custom edit that I just can’t seem to find.

Any help would be great!!



That’s not a native feature of SketchUp but perhaps there’s an extension that does that. I’ve not used it because it’s really quite trivial to draw a piece of plywood. If you provide a link to the video you were watching, maybe we can help to identify the extension.


Thanks. I might be thinking of a different program.


That would make a difference.


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