Can't draw a panel using push pull with a box on top of another component

I am fairly new to Sketchup.
I made this model of some 2x4’s that will serve as a base to a project. I am trying to draw a box on this base to pull up to make a vertical panel. I made the base a component.
I am unable to select my whole box, it will only give me one part of it, or the other to pull up which make 2 panels?

Share your model so we can see what you have going on.

Closet2.skp (203.3 KB)

Looks like you aren’t making components or groups of the parts as you go.

Delete the short line in between both panels first before pulling the face up.

I thought I had made a component of each board and then each base section. I must not have.
Let me go to an older version and try again. Would like to learn to do this correctly

You have loose geometry hiding out behind (and/or inside of) your base.

It could be from when you tried to create the Base style (didn’t select all geometry).

You can delete all of that (that’s where the little line comes from) and make a component for the vertical panel out of the remainder.

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thanks all! wow that was fast!
yes loose geometry and didn’t select undersides.
redid some of it and it works now
appreciate you looking!

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I would suggest that you ignore the addition of materials until you know you have the geometry correct. This will make the modeling easier. Note that in addition to the loose geometry, you have a number of incorrectly oriented faces. There should be no exposed blue back faces in your model.
Screenshot - 1_8_2024 , 9_30_17 PM
You are missing some important faces, too.

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Yes it appears I didn’t get my components set diligently. I rebuilt a few of these already

Can I ask how you identified the “blue black” missing parts?

I think the issue may have been there were walls in the model which was making it very hard to navigate around and so I deleted them, and somehow this deleted some of the faces. I suspect I didn’t get them all selected making components (double vs triple click?)

Changing the style to monochrome will show you the model without materials, there you can check if you have inverted normals. Also if you haven’t applied any material you can see the back faces exposed with the texture style.

You should first model using the monochrome style, check that all the geometry is fine and then apply materials.

The Z fighting shows where you’re working on the panel and where the problem is. Toggling visibility in the Outliner reveals the stray geometry.

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