Can't drag a material from one material palette to the other

According to this tutorial at Sketchucation:

… I should be able to drag a material from my top material palette to an existing library in the other material palette. However, I can’t! It doesn’t work. I can select the material, but dragging it into the other open library below it will not place a copy of that material in there. Any suggestions as to why it’s not working as shown in the tutorial would be greatly appreciated, thanks-

(latest Sketchup version, Windows 10)

Kind regards-

Try starting Sketchup with “Run as Administrator”.

The reason it doesn’t work for you is that the Materials folder in which the libraries reside is in C://Program Files. Windows sets the security for directories in Program Files so they can’t be written to. You can edit the permissions for the Materials folder to allow you to add materials to it. It isn’t wise to add your own files to those folders, though. If for some reason you need to reinstall SketchUp, those Materials libraries will be overwritten and you’ll lose your custom materials. It’s far better to make your own libraries for your own materials and put them somewhere such as in Documents or another directory.

FWIW, the tutorial was written back before Microsoft started locking up the folders in the Program Files directory. I’ll talk to the author about revising it.

Thanks Dave-