Can't download images from 3D warehouse, need version upgrade?

Hi all,
I am helping a friend with landscape design on their property and have downloaded a sketch up file of the house that they passed on from their architect. I am able to make changes manually to the file, but have not been able to download any images from the 3D warehouse. I have gone through all of the troubleshooting suggestions from the Help board without luck. I wondering now if SketchUp Make which I use is fully compatible with SketchUp Pro (which I’m assuming is what the architect’s firm is using).
I did get a message at one point that said I needed to upgrade my current version (SketchUp Make, 2106) to be able to download images, but can’t figure out how to upgrade. Help!
Many thanks,
Laura S.

Look here to find download location of currently available SketchUp versions. The last desktop version of SketchUp Make is 2017.

Download models you mean? 2016 does rely on your system’s browser technology, so clear cache in IE for PC, Safari for Mac. I presume you’ve done that, and that if you open up either of those browsers, you can download things from and then open or import them into SketchUp?