Can't create stair steps in Fundamentals course

In the course Sketchup Fundamentals (Desktop) -Quick Start-Section 8 (Creating the Steps) at time stamp 2:00 he copies the two selected lines and duplicates them into the required stair steps. I can create the lines and select them but when I use the Move tool the entire box moves not just the two lines. How to fix this?

hello, I did not check the course, but I guess what your are trying to do is copy the lines not move them ; but you need the move tool indeed, just press the control key once before clicking (it’ll add a β€œ+” sign next to the move icon). It wont affect your faces anymore

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Maybe these lines er in a group or component. If you want to me the two lines inside the group or component, you need to open this group or component first and then move or copy the lines inside the group or component.

To open a group or component for edition, double click on it or right click and select Modify the Group or modify the Component in the contextual menu.

Thank you sirs. Those suggestions worked! Much appreciated!


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