Cant Click This Model Anymore

CantClick.skp (914.1 KB)

I made the mistake of tracing this thing when it was very big, so now when I scale this thing down to two inches, I cant even click this model anymore, the only way Sketchup can recognize it is by me selecting everything surrounding it, but I have edit this model because there are some stuff I need to extrude and I need to fix some parts of the design. Is there a fix to this?

Sure. First do a Zoom Extents with Ctrl-Shift-E, then delete the big circle, then do another Zoom Extents.


“Very big” might be a bit of an understatement.
199,469,854’ = 37,778 Miles … Planet Earth is a mere 7,918 miles in diameter.
The volume is beyond mortal comprehension.

I erased the clutter of unnecessary geometry and then exploded the parent Group.
Then I went down the list one by one in Outliner and reset the scale of the remaining Groups.
Then moved the groups apart and exploded them one by one.
Then selected all and scaled down, not all at once, but in stages, moving all back to the origin each time.

What was once 4,344,601’ high is now ½”

CantClick Fixed.skp (714.3 KB)

Thank you very much, I was planning on restarting, I have no idea what I was thinking scaling it so big…

Maybe it was an overshoot reaction because of many read advices like “scale up your model” in the forums :wink:

Yea, I thought the bigger the better :pensive: