Can't Change Size of Dynamic Components

Your profile does not say what version of SketchUp Make ?

oops sorry. using 2016

Actually it would be handy to know your full version number for both SketchUp, and the DC extension.

Here is the full SU version. I’m not sure what you mean by DC extension?

In the Preferences > Extensions panel. Select “Dynamic Components” and the version number will be displayed.

And good, you have the latest MR of v16.

Ah okay. That says version 1.4.0

OK, I was having sucess with DC extension v 1.3.2 in SketchUp v 2015 (Pro.)

Let me switch over to v2016.

Marvin Windows v16.skp (831.2 KB)

Ok, it still works for me with DC v 1.4.0 under SketchUp v 16.1.1449 64-bit.

Well I’m at a loss. This seems to happen with every DC from Marvin for me. I have had it happen with others before, but I can’t find any others right now. I guess I’ll have to stick with the exploding method.

Well you are on Mac, what about copying from one of my models (open in another document frame) ?

Yes, that does work. I’ve saved that into my model so any time I need that window in the future I can grab it from there. Thank you.

This happens for me on WIndows.

I Imported the downloaded component you linked.

I drew a large box.

I inserted a new window into a wall on the box from the Component dialog.

I selected a new Model number. I pressed Apply.

I got an elongated window component just like your screenshot.

Clearly something is wrong. Is it the DC plugin or the DC itself?

Simply inserting the Window component and forcing a Redraw causes the component to shift down.

Glad I’m not the only one having this issue! I wish we could figure out what the problem is.